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Positive Invest is protection and help for your business. We open offshore companies and bank accounts in Hong Kong, the financial center of the Asian continent. Does your company need to optimize its financial turnover and taxation? Do not know how to manage assets in order to increase profits and business efficiency?
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We offer an exclusive product - opening a company with a bank account in Hong Kong, and not in other countries, such as Latvia. Moreover, we do not just help to complete a package of documents and submit an application - we accompany our clients at all stages and guarantee the success of opening an account in a Hong Kong bank for citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.


Singapore is one of the main financial centers of Asia, which over the past 30 years has become an attractive destination not only for tourists, but also for large financial flows. Investors are attracted by Singapore's stability and security, advanced technology, unique investment opportunities and highly qualified staff of financial institutions. Combined with external asset management, a Singapore bank account is an excellent option for maintaining and growing your savings.


The Netherlands or Holland is a small country in Europe. The area does not exceed 41.5 thousand square km. Less than 16 million people live in the country. The official language is Dutch. Currency - EURO. Holland has a well-established legislation and political system, there are no revolutions, there is a minimal risk of a change in the economic direction of development. This makes the Netherlands one of the most attractive countries for setting up offshore companies.


    Open offshore in the Seychelles

    The Seychelles is a unique international financial center that provides an opportunity to register a company and receive a number of tax benefits associated with the application of a low level of taxation. Offshore in the Seychelles is a way to expand the boundaries of doing business, as well as a tool for maximizing profits received as part of business activities outside the island state.


    Common money laundering schemes and liability for such activities

    The main direction of activity that each individual sets for himself is the receipt of any benefit. When it comes to creating an enterprise, [...]


    Register a company in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria is an attractive country for doing international business. Several key advantages of this jurisdiction can be noted. Bulgaria has been a member of the EU [...]

    from 1500 €

    Accounting services

    An accountant is a necessary employee for any enterprise. Positive-invest specialists prepare annual reports for a purchased or registered company in Hong Kong [...]

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